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Premium Memory Foam Slow Rebound Ergonomic Car Back Seat Office Chair Lumbar Support Pillow

The multifunctional, soft and comfortable memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed to cater to various sleeping positions, decompression, and neck protection. We are a professional manufacturer of memory pillows and will customize it for you according to your needs.
  • Broadihome
  • 13.39x13.39x4.33inch
  • Green,Blue,Pink,Coffe,Light blue,Gray or Customized
  • Customized
  • 485g
  • 12 months
  • BSCI、SGS、RoHS、ISO9001、16949
  • Free sample/Customized Service


1.The History Of Memory Foam


The birth of Memory Foam can be traced back to 1962 and was first used in the aerospace field. When the material is subjected to physical impact, elastic deformation and plastic deformation occur at the same time. After the external force is removed, it can slowly return to its original shape. At the same time, the material is soft to the touch and has good compatibility with the human body, and is widely used in the field of medical rescue.

2.About Memory Foam Pillow


(1) Slow Rebound, Ergonomic Design

Rebound slowly in 2-12 seconds, soft and not collapsed, supporting the neck in a large area, relieving neck pressure, promoting blood circulation, and making it easier for you to enter deep sleep.


(2) Care For The Back

It fits the waist curve of the human body, gives full support to the waist and back, keeps the waist in a natural and comfortable state, maintains the correct sitting posture, and does not get tired after sitting for a long time.


(3) Adapt To Multiple Scenarios

The pillow surface is wide and integrally formed, which is suitable for a variety of scenes. Suitable for office seats, car seats, and dining chairs.

3.Intimate Detail Design


(1) Invisible zipper design, which can be replaced and cleaned daily;


(2) Breathable outer lining, anti-mildew and antibacterial, smooth to the touch and skin-friendly;


(3) The intimate design of the side pockets allows you to place some small objects at hand, making it easy to take and use.

4.Trustworthy Quality

(1) Comply with international standards and obtain multiple quality system certifications;

(2) The raw materials are imported from Germany, and the product guarantees zero formaldehyde;

(3) A variety of testing methods and strict quality management.

5.More Sizes and Colors


A variety of colors for your choice. The size can be customized and supports ODM and OEM

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