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20x36x3/4inch Anti Fatigue Cushioned Kitchen Standing Mat

Anti-fatigue kitchen mat in 20″x39″, our kitchen anti-fatigue mats effectively relieve up to 42% pressure on your knees, feet and delicate joints in the legs. Whether you’re standing in the kitchen for hours cooking up your family dinner, or you’re at your office standing desk working on your masterpiece, you will feel as if you’re standing on a cloud.
  • BroadiHome
  • 20X36X3/4 inch
  • Green, Brown,Brick-red,Beige or customized
  • Leaf,Circle
  • 1.6kg
  • 12 months
  • Free sample/ Customized Service

PU _副本

1. PU Foam Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats Descriptions

MAXIMIZE YOUR COMFORT: Our premium 3/4'' thick anti fatigue standing mat gives support and comfort while you standing all day in kitchens, offices, garages, and laundry rooms. RELIEVE FOOT, KNEE, JOINT, and BACK PAINS by providing professional manufacturing techniques with supportive and high-density materials. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, an anti fatigue mat might be just what you need.


SAFE AND VERSATILE USE: Upgraded raw materials help improve the problem of slipping and tripping caused by those traditional kitchen mats. Our non-slip anti fatigue mat can be placed on all types of floors, such as laminate, marble, tiles, hardwood, and carpet, etc. NO toxic off-gassing smells, and phthalate free for Broad i Home Kitchen Mat. Natural materials, HARMLESS to our environment.


PERFECT DURABILITY: Made by 100% premium quality polyurethane, which will not break down or compress over time. Broad i Home Anti Fatigue Mat experienced random inspections of high heels testing. Our quality can be guaranteed. NO need to worry about the creases and curled edges, it can get back into shape after few minutes after rolling.


EASY TO CLEAN: Stain resistant and waterproof material makes Broad i Home Anti Fatigue Mat easily wipe clean and will not collect dirt. Novel innovation of natural wood grain pattern designs on the top of our comfort mat makes you be immersive.

2. PU Foam Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats Specification


Type PU Foam Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats
Brand 远大爱美家TM_150
Size(inch) 20x36x3/4
Pattern Leaf,Circle
100% pu foam
Colors Green, Brown,Brick-red,Beige or customized
Place of Original Changzhou,Jiangsu

3. PU Foam Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats Feature


3.2 Why Choose our Products?


4. PU Foam Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats Application

Our Anti Fatigue Mats provide supportive standing experience to alleviate foot discomfort caused by long tim standing.  Anyone who suffers from foot, joint, knee or back pain should consider our research based ergonomically engineered mat.  Any where you stand, you will feel as if you're standing on a cloud.

 ✔Home (Kitchen, laundry room, living room, bathroom,bedroom...)

 ✔Classroom (in front of the blackboard,podium...)

 ✔Office (standing desk, conference room...)

 ✔Factory (in front of the production lines, QC area...)

 ✔Hospital (Operating room, Nurse station...)

20X39 应用

5. More Patterns and colors for your choose

Pattern photo Color
Leaf 20x36 叶子(9) Green, Brown,Brick-red,Beige or customized
Circle 20x39 圈圈 Green, Brown,Brick-red,Beige or customized

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